Other Perspectives #43

546 Relax and Succeed Rebuttal - That moment when you are having

Okay, just so we’re clear: that’s every moment, right? Every moment of our life your body is doing what we’re telling it to do. So if we’re thinking really sad thoughts, then the chemistry for those thoughts moves through us and affects cells all over our body.

Our shoulders sag, the muscles in our face droop or frown. Likewise when we feel great. We’ll smile and our eyes will be open wider, we’ll breathe deeper. Much of our physical self is just a manifestation of our thoughts in the present moment.

We will absolutely make the face that goes with whatever thought we’re having. And if we think, “No! Don’t show them that you feel whatever you’re feeling,” then our face looks like we’re hiding something.

When we’re the one doing it seems like maybe we’re getting away with it because no one calls us on it. But just because they didn’t say anything doesn’t mean they didn’t think it. 

We will always express our thoughts with our being. There’s no point in trying to control our face. We are better to focus on quieting our thinking. We’ll be calmer if we trade our thought output for sensory input. It can be amazing what a difference that makes.

peace. s

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