You and Your Ego

202 Relax and Succeed - Think of something
It’s so easy people can’t believe it. In their imagination they create all sorts of complex reasons as to why it can’t be as easy as I say it is, and they ignore that they did all of that in their consciousness, which just proves my point.

What you’re doing, who you’re doing it with, and where you’re doing it are actually kind of strange ways to think of your life. Because what you do is a part of other people’s experience, but it’s not really what you’re doing. If you’re like 99.9% of people, you’re thinking while you’re taking those actions. And thoughts create how we feel. So it’s our thoughts we should be focused on steering. That is where the rubber meets the road in our experience of the world. That’s our experience of life; what we think.

You truly have to break that habit of trying to make your life better by moving things around outside of you. You don’t need to date anyone specific, you don’t need to live anywhere specific, you don’t need do anything specific, nor do you need any specific label applied to you. But if you want to enjoy your life you absolutely do have to think enjoyable, appreciative thoughts. Fortunately, you can do that any time you choose.202 Relax and Succeed - Maybe you are searching
To be able to make the choice though, you have to be in a headspace where your chemistry is freely flowing—where you don’t have opinions in the way. That way you can freely reinforce the wonderful feelings that motivate our direction in life. That is their purpose. It’s a steering mechanism. Like low water looks for low ground, your consciousness should look for pleasurable feelings. Because if you’re safe and healthy and fed, and you have good companionship and the ability to procreate, you have everything you need to exist and 100% of those things feel good.

Pay less attention to traditional success. Watch over your thoughts instead. Realise that they are not you, they are what the real you is doing. Just by watching them you are becoming the real you. As an observer of them, you become separate from your thoughts. That’s all you need; now you’re half-witnessing them, half-creating them. As you get better at watching them, you get better at reaching in and changing them because the real you starts to feel more meaningful than the egoic thought-you. Your waking life starts to look like a lucid dream. And that’s because it sort-of is.

When you’re tortured by thoughts about something you cannot change, and those thoughts are not productive in any way, then free yourself by simply changing your mind. Because the only thing that’s stopping you is the thought—the belief—that it can’t be that easy. You simply can’t make it better if you believe life is harder than that.

201 Relax and Succeed - Very little is needed
You’ve seen the posters, read the books. Life is a challenge. Yeah. Okay. So? You still feel it as emotions. So as often as possible, go out and grab whichever chemicals you want, by thinking whatever you want, because that’s going to create your experience of life. That will decide whether you are happy or sad or laughing or angry. So stop trying to get other people and things to cooperate with your imagination, and you start cooperating with it. It’s your superpower. Use it to do good. Use it to create a better world for you to live in.

Be happy. It’s a verb. It’s something you can do. But it’s important to remember that you have to not-do that to be able to do-that. So when you’re not happy you’re really just helping yourself remember that you prefer happiness. That’s why it feels bad. It’s encouraging you to re-choose happiness as quickly as you’re able. That’s all that happy people do. They just keep getting happy in each new moment, and that’s actually very easy to do when that’s your agenda, rather than external “success.”

Stop trying to be cool, or liked or loved. Start respecting yourself to the point where you’ll intentionally go create a wonderful life experience simply because you know you can. That basic comprehension of what truly counts is at the heart of living a profoundly rewarding lifetime.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organisations locally and around the world.