Monday Mantra

It’s a Monday. For many people, this morning sets up an entire week. And strictly by habit, most people will go through their Monday largely unconscious. We will think the same lame thoughts for the same bad reasons. And those will create a day and week that look a lot like our other days and weeks. Because if we don’t change, why would that other stuff?

But we have options. We could become more conscious. But conscious of what? If we were to look at the running narrative of most people’s Monday morning thoughts we would see a list of problems, struggles, judgments, fears, frustrations and insecurities. That does not make for a very enthusiastic week.

But what if we had a morning mantra that established a different definition for ourselves? And what if it was completely honest, yet left us feeling stronger, more capable, and with more access to all of our abilities? Take a moment. Think of your proudest days. If we want to repeat them, we have to know what they looked like.

Those were the days when we overcame some obstacle we weren’t sure we could. Those were the days where we helped someone out and that helped us feel strong. There were days where we showed kindness that someone valued. There were many times in which people gave us compliments on our skills or behaviour. We are that person.

Our friends are good people and they have chosen to be our friends because we are also good and worthwhile people. We all have tremendous value to give to the world and the giving feels great, so it’s a win-win situation.

All that said, no one can access that value and strength and power without summoning it from within ourselves. That summoning is essentially a thought-by-thought loading of the strongest version of ourselves. That is what replaces the less conscious regeneration of our habitual, weak, negative identity.

Do not be a small, turmoil-filled thought habit when you can come alive as a human being. It is important to own the bigger version of ourselves. It is possible to assume an optimistic, strong, confident and capable self. But we have to believe in that person confidently, which is why we want to find examples from our past of us truly being that stronger person.

Do not think small thoughts that shrink you. Thinking about your weakest moments will lead you to repeat them. Instead, Remind yourself of your greatest moments and, likewise, you will increase your chances of repeating those.

Don’t worry, it’s not egotistical to enjoy your own strength. It’s why your friends love you. And you can learn to love yourself too. You just have to think about yourself the way they do. Why not start today?

peace. s