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1444 Relax and Succeed - Facebook Live Event Announcement

In response to the COVID-19 Crisis, and particularly in regards to the pressures and stresses stemming from social distancing measures and fears surrounding the virus, starting today, on April 4th 2020, at 11am Mountain Standard Time, I will begin a series of free on-line sessions via facebook live.

These talks and Q&A’s are for anyone who wants to make the most of this experience despite having to temporarily work with too little money, too much time, in too little space, and with either too many or too few people.

First Facebook Live Talk:

April 4th, 11am MST

None of us is truly alone. In fact, each other’s pure humanity may never have been so clear to us. So let us take that valuable awareness, and let’s come together online, and lets all join together as we find ways to move through this experience in ways that make us stronger, more compassionate, and wiser too.

I know it’s short notice, but as anyone alive today knows, the world is changing every hour. I do hope to see you online at one of these sessions soon. Watch here and on the social media feeds for more information on where and when future events will be held.

Have a great weekend everyone.

peace. s

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