The Friday Dose #77

745 FD Relax and Succeed - Kanye WestGood Morning! (If it’s morning where you’re reading this.) I thought I would start you off with some humour. On today’s Dose I will distract you with some quotes that are likely to incite some introspection, we’ll look at how to choose a life partner (that’s pretty big), and we’ll end with a wonderful surprise.

Great novels aren’t great because they’re hard, they’re great because they’re universal. Their stories speak to most of us in powerful ways. And in doing so they can often lead to meaningful changes within us. Without further ado I give you Buzzfeed‘s:

38 Beautifully Heartbreaking Quotes from Literature


Next we’ll take a look at a nice breakdown of how and why most people make mistakes when they’re choosing a mate. There was only one tiny element that I would have disagreed with mildly but for the most part you’ll see that this does align a great deal with what I write on these blog pages. I do hope someone finds it useful enough to avoid a marriage they otherwise might have entered unaware. To that end I give you Wait But Why‘s:

How to Pick Your Life Partner


And we’ll end on a surprise. I’m the one who posted that Kanye joke on my social media. As a writer I loved the straightforward structure of the joke and I’ll admit, I’m with a lot of people who’ve found Kanye West’s behaviour to be a bit outrageous or otherwise disrespectful to others. But then I realize I’m basing that on his reputation and that my only two interactions have been to see him jump on stage and say another performer should have won a Grammy. That seemed pretty crazy but I’ve been a goof on occasion too so…. So I love this because we’re wrong. What Kanye is, is someone who believes in himself. In fact, he’s closer to being what I’m trying to teach on these pages than a lot of us. A lot of people hate their mothers. He loves his and she told him he could do great things and because he believes that sincerely he actually does it. You can still hate him if you want. But there’s real wisdom being presented here. Real, honest to goodness actual wisdom. I love being wrong like this. 🙂


You have yourself the most awesome day you can squeeze out of your circumstances. Think big. See you next week!

peace and love, s

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