Conscious Participation

1516 Relax and Succeed - What is your intention

It’s okay to think about our work.

It’s not helpful to think about ourselves doing our work.

It’s okay to think about our thinking.

But it’s not helpful to simply create narratives that feature ourselves.

Best of all, we can choose to not think at all.

That leaves all of our attention placed on the universe.

But the universe is far too immense for us to take in at one time.

And so we narrow it down with our a combination of our perspective and our focus.

And whether we shine our consciousness on the outside world, or on our interior thoughts, whatever we have it focused on will create the experience of our life.

That being the case, our primary opportunity in life emerges through us becoming more conscious about the choices we make regarding where we place our attention.

Our previous choices regarding where we’ve placed our attention has formed our life so far. And those choices will shape our lives again today. So, knowing that our day is formed in that way, now is always a good time to ask: what do we intend to focus on today?

This is how reality is created. The only question is, will we choose to be awake for our participation?

peace. s