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For the most part I teach a class that informs people about a set of principles that guide the creation of their personal reality. Once people can see these principles at work in their own lives they can then intervene in their own process to redirect their emotional state.

This is done through enjoyable conversations that can be done one on one, or in groups; and if I’m available we can meet where I am, at your offices, in a coffee shop, on a walk,  at the dog park, or on the phone. We can also go at whichever pace best suits you, whether that’s once a week for an hour or two, or two three-hour sessions per day over a long weekend. Everyone’s an individual, so there’s no rules in reaching understanding. Everyone has their own route and their own pace.

Mental Health

In general, people experiencing all forms of psychological struggle find that enacting these lessons is consistently useful  in mitigating their emotional experiences through their increased awareness. I have worked with people on issues as diverse as:

  • depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, anger, fears and phobias, addictions, guilt, resentment,  grief, love, relationships with work, religion, the self, and conscience.


I have been asked to help nurture open healthy communication between friends, roommates, business associates, parents and children, as well as between romantic partners, both to rekindle their relationship, or to plan their divorce and co-parenting arrangements.


By helping them learn to clear their minds I have helped both artists and athletes in accessing their creativity and enthusiasm to overcome various blocks and challenges. In Canada, when a hockey player is over-thinking we often say, “they’re holding the stick too tight.” I don’t offer that player advice on how to be better, they already know how. I just teach them of how to let go of their troublesome thoughts and, in turn, their sticks.


From creative solutions to logical systems to brainstorming, my mind works in unusual ways that can often inspire the best in others as people work to develop successful solutions or strategies. As both an artist and former executive, I can relate to the challenges.

In all of my roles I teach people how to stay aware, but the wisdom and choices they make with their calmer minds are entirely theirs. I do not know their lives well enough to make recommendations, but I can help them get out of their own way so that they can fully access everything they know.

You can reach me in Edmonton, Canada at (780) 439-0341 or at scottis@relaxandsucceed.com

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