Resolution Assignment 4

A series of meditations designed to affect change over time.

Good morning everyone! Here’s hoping you had a good sleep. If not, a strong intention to be positive can be similar to playing a smart game with bad cards. So if you haven’t made the decision to look for the best in today whenever possible, do that now.

I also hope you’re approaching these meditations earnestly. They might seem like minor or even frivolous acts, but I’ve designed them to activate specific conceptual aspects of reality in our minds. That’s helpful because our egos cannot survive when these concepts are conscious.

Today’s meditations are short and easy, but that does not diminish their value:

The Meditations

  1. Let’s think back through our pasts looking for examples of where someone was particularly kind to us. Maybe they saved us from major embarrassment, or they helped us out in some major way.

    Maybe it was an ex that let us down easy. Or maybe we’re old enough to realize that we were sometimes pretty tough on our parents, and that they often treated us better than we deserved.

    Let’s find examples until we hit one where we can still find the person to communicate with. Then let’s contact them and tell them that even though the event happened however long ago –we want to let them know that we still remember it as a really big and great moment that we want to thank them for.

  2. Convert a call. It can be a call with our utility company. A work call. Someone phoning about an appointment. A call with a friend. A call to a family member. Whoever it’s with, just try to have the call end with them feeling better than they did when they reached you.

    If you consciously intend to leave them happier, then your consciousness and that intention will emerge through your very being. It’ll be in your tone and your cadence when you speak.

    Then, when the call is done and you’re assured they really did end up happier, take a moment to give yourself credit for improving their day. You helped them take what could have been a lot of negative time and you helped turn it positive. That’s awesome!

    That’s a meaningful impact to make. Congratulations on the instant gratification. But before you leave this mediation entirely, maybe ask yourself why don’t you do something similar to/for yourself on a daily basis?

  3. Forgive someone for something.

It’s notable that most of us will find the shortest one the hardest. By doing that one we’re stealing one of the cudgels our ego’s use to beat us with –resentment. It’s like drinking poison and thinking the other person will die. Egos love ruminating on unwinnable stuff like that.

Each of these meditations creates a meaningful step towards understanding our daily reality in a new way. The benefits to our lives will be subtle at first, so we have to ensure we keep an eye out for them. But if we’re earnest in doing the assignments we will be rewarded with more peace of mind.

peace. s