Every Tuesday at 5:20pm, I join Radio Active‘s host Adrienne Pan, on CBC Radio One here in Edmonton. You can hear those columns via AM740, FM93.9 (in Edmonton), or elsewhere through the CBC Listen app, or via the web on Radio One at CBC.ca.

Past Columns and their Dates are listed below:


The Appreciation of Normal 21-06-22 (Transcript)

The Power of Belief 21-06-09 (Transcript)

Playoff Heartbreak 21-05-25 (Transcript)

Dating in a Post-COVID World 21-04-27 (Transcript & Audio)

Model Parents 21-04-13  (Transcript)

Confirmation Bias 21-03-30 (Transcript)

Shattered Lives 21-03-16 (Transcript)

Limiting Identities 21-03-09 (Transcript)

Theatre of the Mind 21-03-02 (Transcript)

Intentional Attention 21-01-19 (Transcript)

COVID Meets Mindfulness 21-01-05 (Transcript & Audio)


Christmas Spirit 20-12-22 (Audio & Transcript)

Measuring Success 20-12-09 (Transcript)

Cultures of Appreciation 20-11-24 (Transcript)

Remembrance Day Revisited 20-11-10   (Transcript)

Intentional Mornings 20-10-27 (Transcript)

Adding Unity to a Community 20-10-06 (Audio & Transcript)

Motherhood Revisited 20-09-22 (Transcript)

Generational Differences 20-09-08 (Audio & Transcript)

The Care-Giving Question 20-08-25 (Audio & Transcript)

Asperger’s and Mindfulness 20-08-11 (Audio & Transcript)

Gratitude Segments 20-07-29 (Audio & Transcript)

Motorcycle Mindfulness 20-07-14 (Transcript)

Changes Here 20-06-10 (Audio & Transcript)

Room to Rant 20/04/21 (Transcript)

COVID Coping 20/03/18 (Transcript)

Angry Sports Fans and Parents 20/03/11 (Transcript)

A New Perspective on Bullying 20/02/25 (Transcript)

The Path to Forgiveness 20/02/18  (Transcript)

Should I Stay or Should I Go? 20/02/11  (Audio & Transcript)

Emotional Guidance 20/02/04 (Audio & Transcript)

Making Successful Resolutions 20/01/06 (Audio)