1436 Relax and Succeed - CBC Radio Column - COVID Crisis


Hi everyone.

I regularly join Radio Active‘s host Adrienne Pan, on CBC Radio One here in Edmonton. You can listen via AM740, FM93.9 (in Edmonton), or elsewhere through the CBC Listen app, or via the web on Radio One at CBC.ca. Today we’ll be on at 5:40pm.

Once the show has aired, if there is an audio version available I will add a link to it here. A listing of all of the columns is here. For those without audio versions, I will attach a transcript of the column to the bottom of this post within a few days of airing.

Today’s topic: 

Around the world, people are struggling to adapt to a new normal. Today, Adrienne and I will discuss how we can contextualize what’s happening in ways that can help us gain perspective. As the saying goes, we should never waste a good crisis. 

If you get to hear it and haven’t before, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show. They have a great team.

Take care everyone. Here’s to a grateful day for all of us.

peace. s