The Friday Dose #21


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A reader recently pointed out to me that I had strayed from my original mission with The Friday Dose. What was supposed to be a store-house of cool mind-grabbing things that could be used to pull you away from painful thought patterns, instead became just an external link version of more of the blog. True dat. And so with Dose #21 I’m going back to the original mission. Yes, some of those posts might still be about what the blog’s about, but overall it’s going to be designed to be purely fascinating so that you can use it as a tool when you want to shift your thinking. Rather than stopping the pain better to be starting the enjoyment. The Friday Dose will be here for you, providing a source of go-to mind absorbing details about the universe. Enjoy.

Now I’m a drummer, so it makes sense that I would be biased, but at the very least I think you might enjoy one of the Phil Collins solos that’s included in this post. It discusses one point that I’ve often made with other drummers. I find there’s a slavish dedication to a strange thing called perfect time that’s seen by many as a pinnacle. I don’t “count” as a drummer, and matching an external human-invented device like a clock seems a very odd connection to make when playing music. Why would we think something that comes from our soul would need to be squeezed through a time processor like a clock? That literally makes no sense to me. What’s wrong with a song’s rhythm or beat shifting? I would suggest that the fractal that shows up in human heart-rates seashells and flower petals is also present in music and that a good drummer gets in tune with that:

Science Shows Drummers Have Different Brains


Remember the lady who got millions suing McDonald’s because their coffee was hot? Remember how angry everyone was, and how much she was mocked? Well I want to use her here because here’s a great example of people passing around a myth and having strong and uniform judgments about it and yet virtually everyone is operating with nothing more than a smidgen of information about what actually happened. Well if you thought this lady won a frivolous suit, that’s because the news media thought the story would have more legs if they presented it in a way that upset you. That’s the stuff people talk about around the water cooler at work—and the news knows it. Because the real story was more complicated, and more interesting, and in it the little old lady was the most noble person in it:

The Real Lady Who Sued McDonald’s For Having Hot Coffee


I know what I believe I know. But since tons of science is constantly proven incorrect, we cannot even claim science as some solid unmoving ground from which we can review the world. Even science itself proved this principle. As we all know, we’ve been told to eat eggs, not eat eggs, eat eggs, not eat eggs… fat’s good for you, sugar’s bad, then sugar’s bad and fat’s good. And on it goes. So why argue with anyone when we know that neither of us knows for sure and we could both have been misinformed—as in the previous case with the little old lady from McDonald’s. How many untrue things have you lived presuming they were true? I know when I looked I had tons and tons of them. My debating with others seems hilarious to me now. It’s much more fun living in uncertainty than certainty:

What Fake Things Do You Believe In?


And let’s finish off with some Love. Some Mike Love. This doesn’t need words from me. It just needs your ears. This is some fine work. Enjoy:


Have a great weekend!

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The Friday Dose is a collection of cool, interesting and surprising things that are chosen for their potential to distract you away from any painful thought loops that may currently be disrupting your sense of perspective. Save these for when you’re feeling low and you want to change your perspective. They’ll help Enjoy. And please let me know if you bump into any broken links. Thanks!