Whether you’re a:

  • retired senior who spends too much time alone,
  • a mother of youngsters trapped at home without enough emotional support,
  • a new immigrant with too few personal supports,
  • someone in hospital with too much time on your hands,
  • or just someone single who finds your downtime too isolating,

–there are a lot of good reasons for people to experience loneliness in today’s culture.

We can meet, I can come to you, or we can talk over the phone, but there are alone-time strategies we can learn that will help to turn our stressful and taxing downtime, into time that is both restful and constructive.

The difference between ‘loneliness’ and being ‘comfortably alone’ exists without our internal frames of reference. Learning how to influence those states of mind can make all the difference in the world.

I am always available for an initial consultation, and I can work as easily over the phone as in person. If you would like help managing your thoughts and consciousness, please feel free to contact me at either my email at scottis@relaxandsucceed.com or leave a message at (780) 439-0341.

$120 per hour


$1,000 for 10 hours