The Friday Dose #69

690 Relax and Succeed - Dreamscapes by Frank Grisdale

How is everyone today? Fantastic I hope. And since everything changes, if you’re not fantastic, I hope that change is up real soon. Either way, if it’s tough just take the value from the lessons and do that until fortune rears its head. You’ll be fine.

Today on the Dose I’ll give you three completely different distractions. If you’re locked into a thought loop about something upsetting, think about giving this a quick read. It’s quite inspiring. When a wife in her 50’s was diagnosed with cancer and given one month to live, the reaction she and her husband had was to switch to a raw food diet and to—and I mean this—run a marathon every single day for a year. That was almost ten years ago and they’re still running.

Terminal Cancer Patient Runs a Marathon a Day for a Year!


Next I’ll give you visualists a chance to relax with some beautiful photos. The photo at the top of this page (Dreamscapes) was taken by a friend, the very talented photographer Frank Grisdale. It sets up this series of forest photos. They’re all taken by different photographers and the shots are from all over the world. They help to remind us that all forests are different and yet all forests are perfect. People should consider applying that theory to themselves and others.

World’s Most Beautiful Forests


And let’s finish off with some mesmerizing music. Written by Radiohead bassist Thom Yorke, with inspiration from Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood, Creep is performed here by the velvety tones of Haley Reinhart and Vintage Postmodern. Enjoy:



Have yourselves a fantastic weekend everyone!

peace. s

Scott McPherson is a writer, public speaker, communication facilitator and corporate storyteller who works internationally with businesses, individuals and families.

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