MiG 4: Expressions

Good morning! How’d the morning intention go? Mine went great and I hope yours did too. If not, tomorrow’s another morning. Today we have a nice easy one divided into three parts.

Part One is to think of a song that you love. But make sure it’s a song that you where you know for sure who introduced you to that song. Maybe someone took you to a concert. Maybe they bought you a CD for your birthday years ago. Maybe they just told you about it.

In either the morning, afternoon or evening, contact (by voice if possible) the person who recommended it to you. Really think about the joy that the music has brought into your life. And then thank them genuinely for being the connector that led to all of the peace or happiness you have experienced not only listening to that song, but maybe the person or group’s other songs too.

If a conversation flows from that great. But you will have added some appreciation to their day and you’ll likely hear the chemistry shift in their voice. It’ll get higher, and maybe faster in most cases. Enjoy that. That’s the echo effect from your gratitude.

Second, think of a food that you were likewise, introduced to by someone you know. Whichever time frame you used for the song, pick a different one for the food and do the same thing. Call and thank whichever friend exposed you to the dish or food, and let them know that they are partly responsible for the joy you feel every time you enjoy it.

Much like with the song, you should be able to hear the impact of your appreciation in their voice. The tone they answer with will likely be less enthusiastic than their reaction to your gratitude.

Thirdly, in whichever of the three time frames is remaining, think of a movie or series you love that you were exposed to by a certain person. Then contact that person and repeat the process. And if you’ve grown to love an actor, writer or director from that film and have continued to enjoy their work, include that too.

As with the others, if a conversation flows from that, awesome. If not, that’s fine too. Just the thank-you might spark them to deliver one of their own before the end of the day.

Expressing thanks. One thing in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Easy peasy. You’ve got this. Me too. I already know my song and call. Have fun finding yours. You guys have an awesome day.

peace. s