A Dose of Kindness #105

889 Relax and Succeed - Be kind whenever possibleSo what have we learned? We’ve learned our ego hurts us by talking to us about our own lives. So we want to avoid thinking about ourselves because it’s unhealthy.

What else have we learned? We’ve learned we feel what we think, we feel good when we think loving thoughts, and compassion for others is an act of love. Nice, we know how to be sick and we know how to be healthy.

So what should we do? Easy: we should turn our attention to the needs of others. That is the way to create more happiness within ourselves. You are a candle. Your light does not grow by holding it within you. It grows by you lighting other candles.

If you saw this woman on the street doing this you’d think she was crazy. Think about that. You think being sad and tense is sane and being open and loving is weird. You really do. It shows how brainwashed we are to be buying things when it turns out what makes us feel good is giving them away. This woman knows that secret, which is why she does all this stuff:

Light a candle today. Mark them on your calendar. Every day until the end of the month just do one kind thing per day. Just one. We all do that and the world changes. And haven’t you noticed how much generous people enjoy their lives? 😉

Have a great day and weekend everyone. Spread that kindness. Bring mental health and peace of mind upon yourself through your own generosity. Trust me, it’s addictive in the very best way. This is how the Law of Attraction really works:

peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organizations around the world.

Spirituality is a Verb

Maybe you attend a church or synagogue or mosque or temple. Maybe you read scripture or are knowledgeable about the philosophies behind your religion. Maybe you dress a certain way, sit a certain way and meditate a certain way. But those are all just things your ego is doing. Spirituality is a verb. It is an act of love. It doesn’t discuss what should be done by us or others. It acts. It is love in motion.

24 Relax and Succeed - The simplest acts of kindnessTake all of the energy you currently put into telling others how they should vote, how they should eat, what manners they should have, what opinions they should have of what people, places or things, plus take all of the energy you put into religious rituals and invest all of that life force into sharing more love. Use it to hold open a door for someone or give up the good parking space to someone else. Buy the next person in the drive-through their coffee. Look after someone’s kids so they can go on a date night. Offer to help a neighbour with something. Pick up some litter. Take in a rescue dog. Instead of being impatient with the crying baby in the check-out lineup, try to see if you can help. Or let them ahead of you in line.

There are a million ways in which we can all make the world a much better place. Every day we all sit and complain about how it is all while we pass up countless opportunities to do nice things. In doing so we lose the wonderful feeling that goes with generosity. We don’t say hello to people we pass. We don’t smile at strangers. We don’t compliment people. We don’t demonstrate patience, offer assistance to others or slow down to offer condolences to those who are suffering. We steal loving experiences from ourselves by saying we’re busy, that we have obligations or that we don’t know how to respond. In truth all we’ve ever needed to do with others is Be Present.

24 Relax and Succeed - Beginning today treat everyone one you meetStart today. Put three circles on a post-it note and check one off for every intentional good deed you do. Make it something out of the ordinary. Buy someone having a bad day a lottery ticket and wish them luck. Buy the favourite beverage of a co-worker you don’t like and give it to them. Make rather than buy (even if you’re terrible at things like that) a card for your spouse. Do a chore that’s normally not yours to do. Or here is one of the most valuable ones because you are shifting negative energy into positive energy: show kindness and generosity when you’re unfairly attacked by someone.

The world won’t get better when other people smarten up, it’ll get better when we make it that way with our actions. It is literally filled with opportunities for us to enact our inner beauty. Don’t pass yours up. It’s an easy, fun way to build yourself a truly wonderful life.

How are you going to start loving the world?

peace. s