Changes for 2015

I hope you like the annual redesign to not only the blog, but the facebook, twitter and tumblr pages as well. In terms of the blog specifically, each year I’ve tried to tweak it to suit what you’re telling me you’re finding most valuable. I also try to make sure that it leaves me with enough time for my speaking engagements as well as my phone or in-person clients.

590  Relax and Succeed - You must be the changeBoth The Friday Dose and Other Perspectives series have proven very popular, so the collection of thought-distractions that is the Dose will stay active on Fridays, but for 2015 the Other Perspectives rebuttals will shift from Saturday to Monday. As before, on facebook, twitter, tumblr and pinterest I will post a Blog-of-the-Week on Sundays that will feature the most popular blog from two weeks previous. Other than that I will simply continue to find quotes and memes that I see people posting but not really thinking about. By expanding on these everyday statements I will hopefully be helpful to you in achieving insights that help you live and even more rewarding life.

Thanks for a great year last year. It was wonderful to have so many readers become students and it’s been a pleasure working so closely with you as you continue to develop in your understanding. Here’s to a year filled with appreciation and wonder for the entire world. If we approach 2015 that way then we simply cannot lose.

Happy New Year everyone.

peace. s