243 Relax and Succeed - Don't fill your life with daysDo you remember what it was like to be young? What is young? Is it an age? Or is it a state of mind? Don’t we meet kids who we say have old souls? Or seniors who are youthful with a childish sense of fun? They say kids laugh up to 600 times a day, but I couldn’t find direct evidence of any studies. But do I need studies? Can’t I just tell by watching life? Kids laugh a lot, at everything. Laughing is a reaction to absurdity and so much is absurd to kids. Adults use their thoughts to build more expectations, and they suffer for it. How can everyone’s dreams always come true???

We should recall and revisit the carefree motivations of youth. We should want less and explore more. We are only here for a short time. And in our adult life we should apply a sense of confident wisdom derived from our experiences and not have our fears cripple us. Life is beautifully bittersweet and we should taste all of it. We are our own purpose. We are One, and our job is to dance and laugh and work and sing and love.

243 Relax and Succeed - I like livingYou may recognize Canadian poet Shane Koyczan from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, where his poem about Canada resonated strongly around the world. Here he is joined by violinist Hannah Epperson as he asks you to consider life. To not take it for granted. For it is a grand experience. It is a buffet and you should taste anything that interests you. Spit out what you don’t like, take more of what you do. Live fully. Live like when you had fewer limiting thoughts. Live like you are young again. Because nothing is stopping you but the most ethereal veil of thought….





peace. s

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