2016’s Friday Dose of the Year

1063-16fdoy-relax-and-succeed-it-is-easier-to-build-strong-childrenIt almost seems fitting that 2016 would see us ending with a piece about women being sexualized and judged. Guided by a mainstream system built almost exclusively by men, the biggest social media site on Earth would not permit a positive message about motherhood. It even went so far as to pass an outdated judgment.

Society is always refining itself. I want to get behind the idea of refining it into acceptance and support, rather than judgment and condemnation. I do hope you’ll join me in that effort. With the Blog of the Year due tomorrow, I now give you this year’s most popular:

Friday Dose of the Year

2016’s Blog of the Year #2

1062-16boy2-relax-and-succeed-drop-reactions-and-allow-moreThe two biggest posts this year really stood out, and this first one is another excellent choice about living in ego versus living in an open, aware state. With an ego there is what you think about the world and the real you lives in and sees the real world. The difference is how your day can feel great or terrible, so without further ado I give you:

Blog of the Year #2

2016’s Blog of the Year #3

1061-16boy3-relax-and-succeed-the-more-you-love-yourselfIt’s just my opinion, but this year people got behind what I feel are maybe the best collection of year-end winners yet, and this one on relationships is no exception. The remaining question I have about this winner is, who made it so popular, the victims or the perpetrators? As it notes, relationships “…aren’t about keeping other people out, they’re near-constant invitations to be in.” Indeed. Without further ado, I give you:

Blog of the Year #3

2016’s Blog of the Year #4

1060-16boy4-relax-and-succeed-compassion-is-our-deepestThis meditation was a part of a series on improving your daily life in small ways each day. So many people want the world to be better and yet so few people actually take action. But this simple exercise not only creates better relationships for you, it also models very successful social behaviour to any children or other adults who see it. I think it says a lot of good things about my readers that this blog was in the year’s top ten. This is how the world changes:

Blog of the Year #4

2016’s Blog of the Year #5

1059-16boy5-relax-and-succeed-can-you-remember-who-you-wereSociety shouldn’t be a processor that forces humans into inhuman activities, and at the same time we must balance our individualism with our connection to the group because our greatest life satisfaction will come from those relationships and not our individuality. This Blog of the Year winner is about cutting through the clutter in our mind and realising our greatest self:

Blog of the Year #5