119 Relax and Succeed - If we all did the things we are capable of

The Saturday blogs are when I present video or audio materials that may illuminate, educate or inspire your spiritual growth. I know I normally write more as a lead-in to set up the contents, but in this case I will simply say that this is, to me, the single most inspiring video on the internet:

Love is indeed a powerful force. Before books and classes and advice and worries, the best guide is love, which leads to appreciation, which leads to shared goals, which leads to cooperation and support and then back into love. It’s a beautiful cycle.

It’s the parents that worry about their parenting that often don’t need to –the fact that they’re concerned they may have left headroom in their parenting shows that they are doing it consciously. After that, the kids often lead. After all, we’re only there to support them in becoming who they are. They know who that is, not us.

119 Relax and Succeed - Using love as a guide

Now let’s all go out into the world and be the best examples for kids we have the energy to be.

peace. s


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