178 Relax and Succeed - The cells in your bodyThere’s some parts that take longer, but about every seven years or so you’ll have grown an entirely new body. All of your cells would have split and died and there would be a whole new you that emerged cell by cell throughout that time. Take a moment to really think about that. Literally a new you every decade.

On each of those cells are receptors for the neurological-chemicals that are produced on instructions from your thinking. Think a scary thought, your hypothalamus produces the chemistry for fear, and your body reacts by changing your expression, your posture, and your awareness etc.  in a variety of fearful ways.

If you continually bombard yourself with a particular chemistry—your body is smart, it will make your body good at absorbing that chemistry. So in essence, as cells split, the new daughter cell will be better at what you’ve taught the parent cell you want to do. So if you’re in the gym and you’re working on your biceps, then that cell will be really good at gathering all of the necessarily chemical elements to facilitate the growth and strengthening of your muscles. Likewise if you constantly feel victimized, or afraid, or angry, your cells will split being good at that. So you can literally build a body that’s good at 178 Relax and Succeed - You can't live a positive lifebeing angry. Fortunately, you can also build one that’s good at being happy.

This week’s blog links to an article that was featured in UofC Berkeley‘s on line publication, The Greater Good. It talks about how our body naturally adapts to our requests, which in turn points to the importance of us maintaining awareness of our thinking. By making our thoughts more intentional, we can assume a much higher degree of control over whether or not we create and enjoy a full and rewarding life.




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