317 Relax and Succeed - You are lovedSince this week’s Friday Dose lands on a rare Valentines Day, I thought I would dedicate this Dose to matters of the heart. This first entry is a downloadable podcast of the technology radio series, Spark. This episode focuses on a variety of love-related technological concepts, including an app that reminds you to be romantic, a woman who is attempting to design the perfect relationship, and even some deep discussions about your facebook activities and how they relate to your exes…. There’s plenty more. It was fun, interesting and provocative. You may very well find it worthy of your time:

CBC’s Spark – Valentine’s Special


I haven’t forgotten about all of the single people and those in unrewarding relationships. Maybe the issue isn’t you so much as our society. It may very well be that the very construct that you’re operating within isn’t actually conducive to a successful relationship. In this very insightful article by Mark Vernon, he asks: by wanting it all are we ultimately left with far less actual love in our lives than if we were less grand and more pedestrian about the process? Is love less a single rushing waterfall and instead more of a gentle, public, everywhere rain?

BBC Viewpoint: Down with Romantic Love


And finally, a hug goodbye. Happy Valentines Day:

The Nicest Place on the Internet

peace and love, s

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