And here on Tuesday you will find last week’s missing Friday Dose. Happy April Fools Day! Enjoy.


356 Relax and Succeed - Through meditation you can calm the mind

First we’ll start off with a handy “tool.” Don’t take this too lightly. There is no point in reading this blog regularly and then not taking a moment to appreciate why I might post something like this. Your psycho-spiritual health is not hinged upon what you know, it is affected by what you do. It is affected by the verb of you living. So you can’t look at something like this and check it off in your mind as, “oh yeah, that’s cool—I’ll show it to some friends on facebook,” and then expect to get healthier. This has a timer. You can choose your music or background. As I said at the outset: it’s a tool. Save this as a button on your browser. When your day gets crazy and hectic, take 5 minutes to truly be with this and you will absolutely see immediate benefits. All you have to do is be sincere. Five minutes, fully focused, no thoughts, just your awareness on what’s being given. It will change your life:

The Calm Tool


In the most fascinating sense this next post is very similar to the one above it. Only it might surprise you to learn that this is a clip from Cisco’s telephone hold music! Why would I post such a thing? Because it turns out that a decent percentage of the population find this music to be particularly soothing. Soothing to the point where they will call hospitals and ask to be put on hold. This highly specialized infatuation is wonderfully described in the This American Life documentary, Stuck in the Middle. And here, so you can test yourself to see if you’re part of this strange attraction, is the music in question. I like it fine, but I can tell I’m not in the group for whom this music is an enchanting force. Are you in that group?

Cisco Call Hold Music


And finally here’s a simple way for you to practice focusing your inner self. I’m not sure how many of you live in or have been to Vancouver, BC, but this is a very common practice among buskers along the seawall during low tide. Watching them do it is very peaceful, but apparently doing it yourself is much more so. I know I plan to try it as soon as the snow melts. It’s one of those activities that demands that we drop what’s important to our ego, lest we cannot feel enough to allow us to succeed. Stay mindful by practising mindfulness in your life. It will easily be worth the investment of time and energy:

Gravity Glue


peace. s

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