People make me angry. How can we have done all the fantastic scientific things we’ve done and invented all of the amazing things we’ve invented and yet there’s still wars, there’s still tons of poor people and we’re just idiots as a species. It’s hard to feel good when the world’s like this. I’m confused about how in your reality everything is “perfect.”

Lost in Thought

Dear Lost,

Yes. Perfect in its unfolding. I mean no offence, but do you see how we as egos arrogantly choose a particular moment in time and then excuse ourselves from the Flow of Tao and instead intellectually judge what is happening? And I mean happening in the sense that the 391 Relax and Succeed - Holding on to angerworld is a verb not a noun. You use your thoughts to place borders over things like: scientificwar, poverty, species. These are not things. These are ideas. And they are evolving. So do you look at a flower-bud and judge it as not perfect because it is not blossoming? Or is the true blossoming the infinite act of becoming that is the universe and everything in it? So from seed to decomposition, the flower is forever flowing in complete unity with the universe around it.

Of course I’m no fan of war or poverty. Anyone who reads me a lot knows I’ve discussed both subjects a lot and my perspective is always compassionate. And can it be better? Absolutely. But when a teen goes through a huge hormone rush at puberty, they aren’t imperfect, misbehaving, disrespecting jerks. They’re acing like teens. They’re becoming the next person they will be. And those “people” are not slices of pie like in a game of Trivial Pursuit. It’s more like a colour spectrum. It’s why the concept of an “identity” is a bizarre one in some cultures. We have experiences and we change physically and we’re in a perpetual state of flowing from being one person to another as our body, beliefs and priorities change.

391 Relax and Succeed - If you are distressed by anythingWe’ve” advanced scientifically because we’re very methodical. We hypothesize, we test and we conclude. It’s very progressive, with each discovery resting on the grounds of the ones that preceded it, with the whole thing building outward. With science and technology etc. we can also pass discoveries on from generation to generation, whereas that is really only theoretical in human relations. We’re famous for repeating history and that’s because new generations of us keep being born. As I’ve often said, a pie in the face isn’t an old joke to a two-year-old. So experience is what really teaches, and by time we figure it out we’re done. It’s why Churchill said youth is wasted on the young.

In human relations we’re less test and answer based. That was the weird thing my accident caused: I spent most of my time not doing what I was appearing to do, I was usually doing test and answer research on how human’s perceived the universe at every level. Fortunately the divine elegance of the human spirit lead me to admire, respect and love it. If you’re looking at it the right way, you can see our universe as a giant unfolding rose that began its life as a seed391 Relax and Succeed - Whenthe power of love of potential that was provided with whatever resources were available and so it grew, and at every moment of its existence it was perfect, just as every sunset is different but every one is perfect.

So don’t stand in time and look for some idea called justice or rightness or peacefulness. Because none of those things could even exist were it not for their opposite to provide the contrast, just as you need this white background as much as you need the letters I’m typing on it. So the universe is far beyond your understanding. Surrender instead. Trust in the most profoundly spiritual way. The universe is unfolding exactly as it should. Do not argue with that, for your argument is nothing more than painful resistance to what is.

I know what it’s like to care the way you do. I used to do it too. It says nice things about your soul. But don’t waste your existence being angry or upset or depressed because you or others are suffering. Go live. Truly. That’s how the world gets better. Not because we fix it. But because each of us as an individual just starts prioritizing our own happiness. And a bunch of happy people will make the world as good as it can be. But even then, Yin and Yang will always be there. So don’t look to be made happy by the outside world. Instead make yourself happy by being in the world in a joyful way. Have fun.

peace. s