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This week’s Friday Dose is a wildly mixed bag. We’ll start with this National Geographic study on what intermarriage will do to the human face over the next 35 years. I love this because racism disappears when you can’t look at someone and then jam them into a definition you already have. We’ll all be better off when everyone’s beige:

What the Human Face will look like in 2050


I’ve travelled a lot and every time I return to North America I note how much it whines. How it is easily one of the richest places in the world and yet it seems like the richer we are, the weaker we get. We don’t need much to upset us. The rest of the world lives with much less and they are subsequently better at gratitude. Here’s an indication of how different things are depending on where you are:

16 Children’s Bedrooms from Around the World


And we’ll close with a video from the show Q, on CBC One, where Chilly Gonzales (the musical genius) does a cool little piano lesson before playing his new song, Tarantula. If you want to jump right to the song you can head straight to about the 2:30 mark, but the little lesson’s pretty cool:




Here’s to a wonderful weekend for you and all those you love.

peace. s

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