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534 Relax and Succeed Rebuttal - When love is real

Okay this has huge potential to fuel teenage dreams that are entirely unrealistic, which in turn leads to jaded and jilted adults that throw away anything that doesn’t meet their very strict requirements. This is why your relationships end. Not because you’re a bad person. Not because the other person is bad. It’s because one or both of you had unrealistic expectations that you refuse to take responsibility for. Love does beautiful things, but people are not consistently in a state of love. So when people write quotes like the one above, everyone assumes that you’re referring to a single source of love. So if my husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, child etc etc. ever lies, cheats, pretends or causes you pain, then that’s them failing. WRONG. That’s you misunderstanding the nature of love. Love is love, people aren’t love. People can embody love and they can manifest love, but they are not full time 24/7 love machines and neither are you. You’ll get caught in complex situations which have no easy answer. You’ll have people in your life that make mistakes so painful that you’ll lie to hide them from them rather than face heat over something that’s already done. People will be tired, they’ll be sick, they’ll have things on their mind or maybe it’s their turn to need you! So stop with all of these spiritually childish expectations. There are no shoulds there only is. Things are. You either accept that or not. Words are not concrete predictions of the future. It’s no one’s job to make your life good except you. So stop wasting your life by pawning off your unmet expectations as though they were ever anyone else’s responsiblity. Because they weren’t and the faster you realize that the faster you’ll reach an abiding happiness.

peace. s

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