786 OP Relax and Succeed - There is no true loveWrong. With no offense intended toward the creator of it, I believe this is the first one I’ve ran into that’s 100% backwards. The truth is that there is no true love with jealousy. Anyone who thinks that true love includes jealousy–or worse demands it–is at least in the fortunate position where in their future they will get their first taste of genuine true love. This quote is nothing more than some person’s excuse to think insecure, worried and untrustworthy thoughts about someone else. Either trust someone or leave. Don’t justify your poor treatment of them as being rooted in love. Real Love isn’t possessive in any way shape or form.

peace. s

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One thought on “Other Perspectives #86

  1. This is just a quote for those who strongly believe in ego. We all have to start somewhere. First we learn, then we practice. You and I have crossed over, we have a strong belief in love, and a reality with a very different outcome.
    Some are here to have the experience of what the opposite of love is, so jealousy is very much apart of their experiences, and their terminology.
    We just bless them, and give them a little more room for their experience. They’ll catch up, they always do.
    Blessings to you…

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