831 BOY 2015 Blog of the Year #10 - Keep a green tree

The first one’s very short but many people found it very helpful. More clients come to me confused about this psycho-spiritual concept than any other–and that actually makes sense because it was hugely popular with people and yet it suffered from being written and spoken about by countless people who did not truly understand the concept and only thought they did. Since seeing through our thinking is what this blog is all about, we can’t really blame them. But we can make sure that we understand the concept and that we’re using this very helpful life-tool to manage and enjoy more and more of our lives. Ladies and Gentlemen here is the link to:

2015’s Blog of the Year #10

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Scott McPherson writes, speaks, and facilitates mindfulness training and relationship development with individuals, couples, families, companies and non-profit organizations around the world.

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