Food for Thought

964 LW1 Relax and Succeed - If you always doHey everyone. It’s a holiday here in Canada so I’ve found you a great piece on keeping mindful in your relationships. It’s short, sweet and it should help improve your week. I’ll see you all again tomorrow!

peace. s

Relax and Succeed

There is a saying in Japan, “Do not give someone what they do not want.” This in part explains the stoic expressions we all saw after the terrible earthquake near Fukushima. For many in Japan, to show others your suffering is to impose it upon them and so expressions remain placid out of respect for other people’s psychological environments.

151 Relax and Succeed - Please take responsibilityIn the West we get offered all kinds of thoughts just like we get offered all kinds of foods. And food is a good analogy for thought. Some thoughts and foods we actually taste ourselves. Some we leave untouched. If we’re in a restaurant or someone else’s house, we may be offered food that others like that we do not, just as others may like other subjects or different types of discussions. The subjects are like the ingredients, and the conversation style is like the cooking.

Super-direct people are raw food…

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