I am here to help.

I do not have a PhD, I have a PhDo. I’m not teaching you anything I learned from a book or anyone else. I am simply showing you what I actually do that allows me to enjoy my life so thoroughly.

When I was five years old I suffered the type of massive brain injury that you’re not supposed to survive. Not only did I survive, I thrived. And without even knowing it I had been set on a unique course to intensively study human thought and consciousness. It took me years to realize that others weren’t aware of their role in shaping their reality. Now that I understand how others are viewing the world it becomes very easy and enjoyable to be the person to explain to them how they can quite easily begin to live differently.

Everyone talks about it, from the Dalai Lama to Deepak Chopra to modern physicists. Reality isn’t out there, it’s in here. You cannot improve your life without improving your psychological functioning. It does not matter if the issue is stress, anger, worries and fears, addictions, improving your personal relationships or even making your golf or hockey game better—these are all things that happen within you and they require you to have an understanding of how you can successfully tune your psychology to fit the circumstances you are in.

There’s no timer on my sessions and if I’m needed 24 hours I sometimes can be. The course is fun not difficult. It can be done alone or in groups and it doesn’t take long and we laugh a lot. You just need to spend some time with someone who knows how to live this way and who can also describe very clearly how you can do it too. This is about you being able to feel your life is rewarding and worthwhile even when you are facing its biggest challenges.

I have students all over the world. You can learn it equally well in person or over the phone, but it can be done. What I’m showing you works which is why it’s set up as a 12 hour course. By then I want you to be able to look after yourself. If I’ve done my job there would be no other money or time required after that unless you wanted to go deeper into your understanding of your mental health, your creativity and your spiritual life. But the course is the basis and it leaves you with what you need. At $1000 + the $50 in GST, it’s even priced low to keep accessibility high. Hourly time is $120 per hour.

I’m a friendly guy. No matter what your situation just give me a call. Trust me you’ll feel more comfortable than you might imagine. I’ve heard everything and you may find me the least judgmental person you’ve ever met. We can chat about the process and I can fill you in on any other details you’ll need. You’ll easily see that I’m not like other people and I will be able to answer those really tough questions and give you concrete things you can do about the challenges you’re facing.

Many people have gone before you and are living in a new and profound way. Let a day in your past be your worst day ever. Make your future brighter. The world would benefit from the strongest and most confident version of you. I do hope you’ll join us.

You can reach me in Edmonton, Canada at (780) 439-0341 or at scottis@relaxandsucceed.com

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