Your experiences will be heavily coloured by the chemistry you dose yourself with when you create emotions with your thinking. Those chemicals are like a lens you’ll see life through. You can be sailing on a beautiful day with someone you love, but if your mind is on a time where they disappointed you then despite all of the wonderful experiences available in that Current Moment, you will instead create for yourself the experience of anger or disappointment.

14 Relax and Succeed - We don't see things as they are

After you’re angry or disappointed or sad you’ll blame that on the person you’re with, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with you time-traveling back to the day they disappointed you. I mean, after all, they could do that to you too, right? They could drag the past into today and colour their view of you. It’s a choice.

The world is not responsible for the brain chemistry you apply to it. Those are your thoughts. Start taking more responsibility for your day by paying less attention to what your ego is yakking in your ear and more attention to the fact that it’s talking at all. Because it needs your cooperation to do that and without that voice your ego dies.

Without your ego around you will begin to respond to the world authentically because you will be listening to it, rather than just always hearing your judgmental thoughts about it and you. Choose to see the best in the world (including you) and the best of the world will make itself known to you.

Enjoy your day. It only ever happens by choice.

peace. s

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