How Grateful Are You?

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving at home, so this is a holiday weekend. I thought this very popular discussion about gratitude might be a good choice for a day called Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Relax and Succeed

Because someone created words to divide up the whole, you believe you experience a variety of emotions when in fact you actually experience degrees of feeling. So you might say you’re irritated, frustrated, angry or depressed, but what you’re actually experiencing is some want, more want, a lot of want, or almost nothing but want. Likewise you might say you’re content, you’re pleased, you’re happy and you’re elated, but what you’re actually experiencing is a little appreciation, more appreciation, a lot of appreciation and almost complete appreciation

103 Relax and Succeed - Be at least as interestedThe words in your head are not things. They are however obstacles that prevent you from seeing the Truth. That is what the Buddhist’s call the illusion. You mistake the name of something for the thing itself. So you think you’re awake because that dog is barking, but there are undoubtedly many people asleep who are also within earshot of the barking…

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