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231 Relax and Succeed - When I finally let goHi, this is God. There seems to be a misunderstanding we need to clear up. I’m going to use this writer and teacher to deliver it to you, but remember—it’s my wisdom not his. This is far too big to fit inside one Being. I send messages like this to you all the time. I hope you’re watching for them.

You’re doing an awful lot of thinking. You’re using words and ideas to divide up the world and you’re making some of it good and some of it bad. You think you can belong and not-belong. This leads you to try to ensure you’re on the goodor popular side of things. But you’re forgetting something. I am all things. Therefore I am the good things, the bad things and I’m also you.

You don’t have to do anything or get anything or become anything—you’re already a part of me. There’s no apologizing necessary. All of the conflict you’re bumping into is just other aspects of me/you anyway. I need all things to be done, and you do some of them for me. But you’ll do them more effectively if you don’t waste all of your energy second-guessing my wisdom.

Forget guilt and regret and shame and worry. Just assume it’s all going the way it’s supposed to, even if you’re confused or scared. Assume you’re perfect the way you are. Because that’s actually the truth. The rest is just you talking to yourself.

What I need from you is understanding and acceptance. You need to know that I created you perfectly. You don’t need improvement. You will change as a result of your experiences with other aspects of my creation, but those aren’t improvements in you as much as they are routes through me.

If you want to know which way to go, trust yourself. Go the way you feel compelled to go. Do what love would do. Don’t be pushed by your thoughts, be compelled by your very being. Because that feeling is you being me. And I made it feel really compelling so that you would be encouraged to maintain our connection.

231 Relax and Succeed - I decided that the most subversiveStop apologizing for yourself. Stop thinking you can fail within me. There is no success or failure at this level. There is only being. You can either stifle being by not-being—by sitting still while you judge your life—or you can expand by fully and actively being. Fully being what? Fully being you. Why did you think I created you? I needed a you to accomplish everything that’s happening. So stop wasting your Is-ness and go Be.

You don’t need to earn my love, you are made of my love. You don’t need to find where you belong, you belong exactly where you are. Stop striving, stop trying to grow, stop trying to change. Accept that you are exactly what I wanted and needed you to be in this moment. Sometimes I need you to be confused, or weak, or uncertain, or even in pain. Heros need people to rescue remember. Everyone takes a turn. So again, stop second-guessing my wisdom. Live every moment like you chose it, because through me, in a way that’s exactly what you did.

Shh. Quiet mind. Surrender. There’s no need for the in-the-head-talking. Not much need for your out-of-head-talking either. In your silence my feelings will be known. They present to you as instincts, and attractions, motivations, and enthusiasm—it is those feelings that mark your path. Just don’t expect it all to be fun. Because you’re not living your life, you’re bringing an aspect of the universe to life. And if you can do that without conditions, then you will have succeeded in realizing your Oneness with me, and with the love that is everything in the universe.

Thank you.

peace, love and light, G

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organizations locally and around the world.

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