The Friday Dose #4: Pop Culture Escapes

We keep being sold the idea that there’s an easier way. We want to be smart without studying, we want to be strong without lifting, we want to be rich without working. Religion was too rigid so we shifted to Spirituality, but then Spirituality needed us to meditate and awwwisn’t there some Savior who can do this part for me?

299 Relax and Succeed - At the gym you understandWhat we really need to do is surrender the idea that life is beatable. There is no perfect easy life for anyone to live. That’s not what the happy people are doing. They’re accepting. What are they accepting? That life is a simple cause and effect system. Accept that and anyone can actually function very successfully. Try to fight that truth and you’re in for some real suffering no matter who you think you are.

Today’s prescription focuses somewhat on false ideas that our society carries forward to its own detriment. The first is hardly an uncommon topic for me. Having worked in media for many years I’m now acutely tuned to the many ways in which it poisons the psychology of otherwise healthy individuals. This music video for the song Nouveau Parfum by Hungarian singer-songwriter Boggie is an testament to the lack of reality behind our impressions of reality.

Photoshop Exposed by Boggie Video for Nouveau Parfum


The second entry involves the medicalization of life. We do not need a cure for being sad. We shouldn’t be surprised that people who experience shocking things will need some time and strategies to re-adjust. And if someone’s recently lost a close loved one, then them being stricken with grief is to a degree very understandable and healthy. It is only when we get locked into these states that we are in trouble. Otherwise we are merely experiencing whatever is suitable given the circumstances. And if we didn’t want those feelings in our lives at all, then why would we volunteer to feel them when we watch movies or television?

A Psychiatrist’s Warning about Antidepressants


A299 Relax and Succeed - I stand for honestynd finally here’s a kid (Elias Pheonix) who’s very popular in his own world, and now the rest of the world is finding out about him because he’s on a very popular show. The reason I’m including this video in the Friday Dose is because a) this kid has a lot to teach people about being alive and being free, and b) he’s contagious, and c) he’s a genius. If you enjoy him as much as Ellen and I did, then consider sharing him with a friend or a co-worker who’s having a rough day:


.And you have yourself a great day. Because a lot more of it is up to us than we sometimes remember. But if we stay vigilant and focus on where our consciousness is focused we can pretty easily steer ourselves to better feelings. So stay alert and have fun. That’s all you really need to do.

peace. s

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