Winner: Scott’s Favourite Friday Dose of 2014 #1

377 Relax and Succeed - Your task is not to seek for love

You spend a lot of time focusing on how you wish you were different. You call some things flaws and other things qualities and you focus almost all of your energy on hiding the former and almost none on nurturing the latter. Because you and your friends can find different people attractive, you prove to yourself that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and yet you strive for an ideal outside of yourself. This blog is about telling you that it’s you that controls your experience. It’s you that decides which chemistry you flood your brain with it. And like dark or rose-coloured glasses, that chemistry impacts how you see yourself. But what if someone invented something that allowed you to experience different chemistry? What if a scientist created something that enhanced your ability to influence your internal chemistry? What would it feel like to look through the eyes of people who truly believe that you are beautiful just the way you are? There is such a scientist, and you can affect the chemistry of your brain. And what happens when you do, is simply beautiful:



Don’t just read this blog and check it off in your rush to complete tasks. Send them to your friends. Instead of gossiping or talking about contestants on game shows, start philosophizing. Dig in to your daily experience. Attempt to pull away the curtain that conceals the world from you. Because your life doesn’t get better because you find something outside of yourself that will improve your life. You don’t become beautiful, you don’t find love and you don’t have a good life. Those are things that emerge from the inside out. You create beauty, you create love you create a good life. So stop paying so much attention to what’s coming in, and start paying more attention to what you’re actually doing with this incredible opportunity called life.

I love you. s