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The first half of 2014 saw me experimenting with a Dear Abby style of question and response. While many of you found the postings extremely valuable in their focus, overall people found fewer of the postings related to them personally. For that reason half way through the year (on July 1st), I switched back to the original format. I’ll maintain it again next year, although I will likely spend more time addressing healthy spiritual and psychological responses to current events.

While I was answering questions the number one thing I got written and called about was men. Men. Meh. You can’t really live with us the way you’d like to, and in most places it’s illegal to shoot us. Please don’t take too much of what happens personally.

If you’re heterosexual, part of it is that his brain was taught to write up differently from yours. (Like I’m telling you something you don’t know!) Plus he has had training from a different cultural time. That’s the problem with the pace everything’s moving at now; by the time a son becomes a dad and husband, what it is to be a dad and husband has changed entirely and he has to make it up as he goes.

Despite the challenges many men can be made aware of the value of better attentiveness and it definitely can lead to significantly improved relationships. For that reason I am happy to bring you:


2014’s Blog of the Year #9

peace. s

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