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It’s that time of year again folks. (Well, at least on the calendar that Canada uses.) The last two weeks before Christmas everyone gets busy and that’s when I shift to the countdown of the 10 most popular blogs of the year. If you haven’t read these then their inclusion here is a good indication that you will like them. And even if you have read them, fortunately my work is designed to be re-read because I am primarily invested in the reader changing. If you read anything of mine, you’ll feel quite differently if you read it again in a few months.

This year’s countdown starts off rather fittingly at the beginning. At the basics. Consciousness arose, followed by language, and no one could know that the two would intersect in an amazing way so as to create an illusion for our minds. An illusion that must be seen from just the right angle or it stays hidden. An illusion that acts as an ethereal barrier for so many people seeking more happiness in their lives. I’m happy to report that many people found this posting helped clear up psychological and spiritual questions they have sought answers to for years. If it wouldn’t have been on this list it would have made my Scott’s Favourites week in the summer. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you our first winner:


2014’s Blog of the Year #10

peace. s

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