733 Relax and Succeed - Try to learn to breatheImagine that you are spiritual creature constantly in motion. You are like a magical snake that moves through the universe based on hot and cold. You recoil and move away from things that are cold and you move toward things that are warm and your journey wanders rather randomly as you cycle through the universe, being repelled and attracted.

As you can easily see, if I change the above example to being about you and I change hot and cold to things you enjoy and things you don’t enjoy, I’m describing how you are not leading your life but you are reacting to it. The world is dictating where you are going. You have things you want and things you do not want and like a robot you move through life in that binary fashion.

If the hot and the cold of it guide every move are you truly free? No, that is ego life. But you are only one small tiny step away from a conscious life. You are only one thought away from ignoring placing any kind of hot or cold value on anything and instead you can value your own direction and you can see the events along the way as just that—events without a value judgment. They are not good or bad, they simply are. I’ve quoted it many times, as Shakespeare said, nothing is good or bad only thinking makes it so.

733 Relax and Succeed - Rather than spend eons

This is not such a difficult thing to do. Simply stop telling yourself narrative stories that feature words for you or other people, and stop placing value judgments on anyone or anything. Nouns aren’t good or bad, trouble or helpful, easy or hard, so just stop those crazy illusory valuations that only exist in your personal consciousness. The quieter you get the wiser you’ll be. Because knowledge is actually a strange kind of blindfold. In the real world, nothing experiences as much as simple, open awareness.

You can do this. It’s who you were as a kid, it’s who you are when you orgasm and laugh and lose track of time. It’s also why old people feel freer than young ones, because they’ve given up trying to live by what they want and don’t-want and instead they want their life itself, and therefore accept whatever it delivers without judgment. Do that and be free. It feels remarkably light and wonderful and it really is that easy.

Go make a great day.

peace. s

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