Free Hugs

893 Relax and Succeed - Without the TaoHey everyone, it’s a holiday in Canada, but I found you a blog for today that there’s lots of reasons to like. Enjoy!

Relax and Succeed

The world can get pretty lost in its ideas. There are school boards issuing directives to teachers to prevent them from hugging crying children lest the hugger possibly face some sort of terrible accusation and lawsuit. This is how lost we are. We believe it is wiser to protect our money from possible assault than it is to hug a crying child. That starkly shows how crazy our thinking has become.

125 Relax and Succeed - You must unlearn what you haveThose ideas are clearly clearly clearly not in alignment with what people naturally feel to be appropriate. And yet their compassionate nature is being over-ridden by thoughts. Rules. Policies. Fears about money or status. All of these only exist in human imagination. To trade our nature for imagined benefits is to steal from ourselves.

This video is a classic example of people letting rules, policies, paperwork and other people do their thinking for them. Why anyone would…

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