The Origins of Happiness – Redux

It’s a holiday for Canadian Thanksgiving today so here’s a post about how gratitude is more helpful than success:

Relax and Succeed

You don’t know your life as well as you think you do because you’ve never stopped to truly figure out how you came to experience the things you enjoy. Mothers forget the pains of childbirth when they look into the eyes of the children they love. People experiencing a triumph at work may forget that they only got there by being fired from their previous job, or because they quit one they didn’t like. You forget that many of your closest friends were met in classes you claim were awful. Even teams that lose championships bring about friendships that last a lifetime.

Your life isn’t good sometimes and bad sometimes. Your life is your life. You’re either being in the moment or you’re fighting the existence of the moment but that is your only real struggle. Your value judgments only have value in the particular moment you make them because…

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