Regardless of what sort of person we are, and regardless of what sort of situation we’re in, everything we experience filters to us through our thinking.

By gaining greater control over our minds, we can learn to have more control over our emotional reactions to everything. I have worked with people on things including anxiety, loneliness, depression, anger management, fears and phobias, jealousy, grief, guilt, addictions, suicide, PTSD and self-acceptance.

Some cases have been coming out to family, others were breaking theirs up. Others include business-people coming for personal coaching and inspiration, blocked or uninspired artists, or athletes looking for a mental edge. Others come to learn to calm down or to improve their focus.

In each case, sessions can be long or short, or as frequent as suits the person doing the learning. We’re all unique. No matter what, the sessions are usually just fascinating conversations that each open our mind a little more.

Once people grasp their own potential, they don’t need help in finding great ways to apply that clarity and power to their everyday lives.

There is no need for anyone to waste their life wanting it to be better when they can make it that way. It’s in all of us to do.

To discuss how this might work for you, or to book time, email Scott McPherson or call 780-439-0341.