Saving Yourself

‘You’ are not your physical body, ‘you,’ is a changeable idea. Which begs the question, when this post arrived, how aligned was your physical being to your thought-projected identity? How apart were they in distance and in time? Were you doing yoga and your body and mind were nearly completely aligned?

Were you physically sitting in a chair but you were thinking of Hawaii seven years ago? Or were you physically in a hospital bed, but your mind was still swirling around the events of 10 minutes ago, when you were in the visitor’s area and your fears were temporarily allayed by talking to a friend on the phone?

Were you living in the future, where you imagine your pain is gone? Or are you already formulating a response to the person you should be listening to, because you’ve ignored them in order to speculate on what the person might say in the next second or two?

Any time our mind is focused on another place or time we’re in a state of ego. So it’s a really good idea to pay attention to when we are, as well as where we are. Because in the Present, there are no problems.

If we remain present then the issues that cannot be fixed must be accepted. Or, we can have a fixable issue, which means we can flow to the first step in enacting our solution. Either we are enacting a solution or something just ‘is.’ Either way, there is no way in which a fully present person can have a ‘problem.’

It is worth our time to meditate on this idea until it truly makes sense within us in a profound way. That insight about reality is not far from where you are now. And meditation will close the distance, because what we’re searching for is inside us. And while we can definitely benefit by having guidance on how to find it, in the end, only we can save ourselves. So it’s important that you know that you are definitely worth saving.

peace. s