Remember learning about that Principle in physics about how Matter can never be created or destroyed? Have you thought about how that means you and I are made up of little bits of old stars, and galaxies etc. etc. We probably even—and I mean this literally—have a little William Shakespeare in us. Maybe only 500,000 atoms, but still that’s pretty cool. Hopefully he’ll show up next time I have to write a birthday card.

4 Bob Marley - Emancipate yourselves from mental slaveryOkay, so the physics of the universe combines and cooperates on the creation of biological cells, that in turn cooperate to make your physical body—the thing people point at when they say your name. But You is really more like an aspect or facet of the universe—or God if you want to use that word instead. So if God/The Universe was a mirror ball, You would be one of the beams of light, and what you perceived as Your Life would be what that beam shined itself on. Got that? I’m going to make this very logical for you.

The beam that’s lighting up Your Life is your Consciousness—the core of You is the glow of Energy from the Center, from that mirror ball, that Oneness, from Home. Think of it this way: You aren’t the light itself, You are the Guide for the light. You direct where the light is aimed. Your Nature is to be able to guide this light.

There are two fundamental directions you can point the Light of Your Consciousness. On what we’ll call the Spiritual Side, your intake-of-and-response-to the universe are simultaneous simply because you are Being At One with Everything, so you are simply floating in the Tao of the Current Moment. This is when you work without thinking about yourself doing the work. For instance, some people will become uncharacteristically brave during an emergency simply because they are so absorbed by the needs of others that they forget to worry about themselves. Being in an Enlightened State means to function without a You. To lose your sense of borders; of an Outside.

4a RS Birth GuaranteedThe other direction you can place your energy is in creating an Ego. You do this by using Words to convey Ideas back to yourself. I know it sounds crazy, but we all do it. People taught us words and no one realized they would combine together into this strange storm called a Psychological Identity. There might be a logic to every psyche but, since we can only guess at the forces that drive another person’s Ego, we’re far better to place our energy on taking reliable control over our own.

Ideally you want to use the Energy of your Consciousness to intake the universe so that you can act with the wisdom of profound awareness. But if you are going to use that energy to Output an Ego, then at least remember that You are still the one steering. It’s important to remember that all of those word-ideas are you. Whether you’re some middle aged Mom who still talks to ex-boyfriends when she’s alone with her cat, or if you’re a schizophrenic who hears voices suggesting you do unpleasant things, those words are still being created within your consciousness. You make those. No one has control over those except You.

It’s you that has to realize that those words have no power. They are words created by you, for you. It’s as though you’ve taken all of your life experiences and jumbled them into an arbitrary play that you’re performing in. You don’t have to just listen to yourself say painful, depressing or frustrating dialogue to yourself. You don’t have to talk to yourself in jealous or envious loops. That’s You talking to You. That’s not by accident—You need to put energy into creating those dramas for yourself. And you’re the only one that experiences them. Other people don’t see who you think you are, they see you the way they think you are. And every single one of them will have a different view based on their own experiences and perspectives. In fact, their view of you will have less to do with you than it will have to do with them. So forget about trying to convince them of who you are. Work instead on mastering control over your own ability to affect your own personal thinking.

4 Relax and Succeed - I've got 99 problems and 86 of themForget who you are in other people’s experience, and focus on being present with your own experience. And that means one simple thing: observe your thinking. Know that your narratives are just patterns you repeat, but they are entirely flexible. If you’re thinking sad thoughts, do not be surprised that your cells are cooperating to do as their master tells them. They’ll be busy building the chemistry for sadness, and your heart will pump it through your blood so that all of your cells can join in being sad, from the ones that make your face go limp, to the ones that make your shoulders sag.

The bio-body that is you always listens to the words you use. Maybe it’s time you started paying more attention to what it is you say to yourself all day. Because if you change that, you’ll change your life. And no one can do that for You but You. If that seems like an awesome responsibility—it is. But it’s also an empowering thing to finally take control over your own ship. You will always have to face some stormy seas. But at least now you’ll have your hand on the tiller.

Take conscious control over your own thinking. Become a Thought Ninja. Live knowing that your life is made of your thinking, and that your thinking is always in your control. It’s that easy.

Enjoy your day.

peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and nonprofit organizations around the world.

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