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Every now and then some extremely wise person or people will put together an absolutely brilliant description of the truth of life. Here, cut from a university graduation address, David Foster Wallace uses his genius to teach us how the world actually works —in under ten minutes.

The visualization of this section of the speech is very well done. He was a brilliant writer that I recommend you check out his work. And don’t forget to buy his books if you can afford it. His share goes to good causes.

If you want to know what students study with me, this is the first part of the class (the practical part–in a very small nut-shell. But you’ll get the idea. You can live a life of death by a thousand cuts, or you can be saved by a thousand opportunities for appreciation and gratitude. The choice is yours.

Enjoy. (Trust me, it’ll be easy –provided one of these links works.)


If you would like to read more on this subject, consider checking out: The Responsibility and Freedom of Reality

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