135 Relax and Succeed - You have to growWhen new students meet me they often want to discuss the process I use. I understand that they are used to courses and classes that are sold as courses and classes, but this is not a subject I can teach. I cannot describe what I will specifically do because I’m not following a path outside the individual, I am following one within the individual. So each and every person or group is unique and rather than showing them where to go, I am merely a guide on a journey of personal discovery. This is not a course I teach, it is a collection of experiences I lead you to have.

We are both sitting at the table of life with billions of choices available to us. The only difference is: you are blindfolded and I am not. You ask me where on the table we should start and I remind you that you have a blindfold. You ask me which is the right direction to go and I remind you that you can see clearly without the blindfold.

You ask me how far you should go and with whom, and I remind you that you always have the freedom to remove your blindfold. You ask me how can you live a worthwhile life, and I remind you that any life without a blindfold is a worthwhile life. And you ask me why you’re so broken and lost, and I remind you that you’ve never left the table and that you simply cannot see your own astounding self simply because you haven’t yet removed your blindfold.

135 Relax and Succeed - I wish I could show youEventually you stop your striving, cloying, wanting, desire to know. Eventually you surrender to the blindfold. Eventually you relax into your spirituality, into your psychological health, into your own natural life. Then, like water finds low ground, you will know your route.

Do you understand? You are amazing. You are perfect. You are a wonder of the universe. Yes, you really are. Really and truly for sure. But you have been taught a story. A story about your ego—a story you call: yourself. And you take this fictitious, faulty you and you fumble around the table as through your eyes and arms and legs are the problem when it’s always just the blindfold.

Why do your friends love and care for you? Because that is natural for them. You will notice that your friends have many fine qualities. Why do they want to spend valuable life-time with you? Because you are worth it. Because you expand their lives. When you feel weak you help them feel strong. When you feel strong you draw them closer with compassion. You are not an obligation. You are not a requirement. You are optional. People have chosen you. They have asked to be part of your life as a way of living their own. Can you see that the reason they do this is because you are so divine? So beautiful? So sacred?

918 Relax and Succeed - You are not a dropEvery Being has within them the light of an infinite un-know-able universe. Some call it the light of God. Even physicists agree, every Being is made of the same profound, eternal energy. Every Being is another manifestation of yourself. If you remove your blindfold and look closely and clearly enough, you will see yourself in everyone you meet, friends and enemies alike.

Forget the words. Forget the concepts, ideas and definitions. Forget everything and you are left with Oneness. You are left with connection. Because without words there are no blindfolds. And without blindfolds there is only love. And love is both where you are, and what you are made of. Nothing else is required.

Remove your blindfold. See the mirror on the table. And use it to recognise yourself as already complete. Because that’s what you have always been. You just couldn’t see it because there were some words in the way. 😉

With love, s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organisations locally and around the world.

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