While I have students and clients from all over the world, it’s officially Canada Day where I live. In honour of that I’m re-posting something I wrote earlier in the year. 149 Relax and Succeed - Everything is created

While Canada has its failings like anywhere else, I do like that the nation is founded on a concept cooperation. Our social fabric is created by weaving together the strengths contained within a variety of different cultures. In an environment where differences are respected, everyone is free to bring their best to the table. Whether each of us actually does that is a personal choice, but I do hope this blog posting helps motivate you to share your best with the rest of us. Because I know with certainty that every single person reading this has something wonderful to offer the world.

Enjoy your day, week, month and year. And if you happen to be reading this as a Canadian, then Happy Canada Day!


peace and hugs. s

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