Cruel People

People will often ask me my views on the state of the world. Certainly our prioritization of economies over ecosystems is not sustainable. And we can certainly do better than war and ugly politics. But if you were to ask me for the single most insidious, society-destroying aspect of our culture I would offer that it is advertising.

This is somewhat ironic to me because I love advertising. It’s exactly the sort of thing my brain is really good at. Today I would rather use those skills to create works along the same themes as Banksy, the brilliant artist responsible for the mock Coke ad below (among many others). His work makes things clearer, unlike advertising which uses super-subtle psychological 159 Relax and Succeed - Banksy and the advertiserseffects to essentially brainwash you into a self-hating, other-fearing, branded, owned, or otherwise controllable person. That probably seems extreme to you, but allow me to explain.

Would you feel good if random strangers approached you on the street and told you your clothes were out of fashion, or ugly, or too cheap, or from the wrong store or manufacturer? Or that your skin looked bad, or that if it didn’t, then it would soon? What if they told you to worry about diseases you had almost no chance of getting? Or that your car wasn’t nice enough, or that you need to vote this or that way. You’d think that person was an asshole for offering their uninvited opinion to you in a way that undermines your sense of self and you would be right.

Some cities like Amsterdam have very strict rules about advertising. The government feels its role is to protect public visual space from being accosted by corporate interests. You’re welcome to let pe0ple know you’re there, but advertising in the North American sense would be seen as disrespectful to the visual environment of the citizens. But other than a few holdouts like Amsterdam, thanks to a TVs, computers, signs on the street, your phone, or even people’s t-shirts, your personal space is for salesmen, not the world or your own life. Inevitably these are all invasions of your space by commercial interests who are fully engaged in manipulating you.

Young girls around the world feel ugly because of advertising. Young boys feel they must be more macho or sex-motivated than they likely may naturally be. Media images (whether they are formal ads or ads disguised as shows), present an impossible view of beauty precisely because the idea must be impossible.

There is no way to continue selling you products if some day you finally actually think you’re beautiful the way you are. That would be the worst thing that could happen to them—that you liked yourself as-is. Doesn’t it say something about our society that we’re so remarkably permissive about an industry that is built upon the idea of telling us that whatever we are or have is simply never enough? How little respect for ourselves do we have as a culture that one of our biggest and most powerful creations is literally designed to work against us?

159 Relax and Succeed - I tell youStart seeing advertisements for what they truly are: lies told to you to get you to buy things you don’t need to generate profits for a company that is ultimately just an idea, not an actual thing. We’ve built a monster and we’ve programmed it to chase us around the world and beat up our self esteem.

I say we take our space back. Through laws, or art projects, or simple citizen action as groups or just as individuals. Put up messages around you that encourage you rather than discourage you. How can we complain about the plight of the world if all we focus on is industry-created short-comings in ourselves? How can the world be surprised that people are more and more depressed when they are ever-increasingly told they are wrong and that they don’t fit in?! It’s insane. Truly, completely, fully insane.

You need almost nothing you buy, you have been told to buy it by people that understandably want the benefits of your labour (your money) to be transferred to them. And even for them it is a losing proposition, so if we truly wanted to make the world a healthier psychological environment then we could do no better than to seriously look at how we view advertising. Because you are a beautiful human being, created by miraculous cosmic forces and no collection of words or images can change that.

Advertising, by design, is simply dangerous to your mental health. Become conscious of its remarkable affect on your life. Because whether it’s losing more weight because you’re not watching food ads during TV shows, or whether you just go out more and have fun because you’re not constantly being told you’re not beautiful enough, breaking through the thought-based ties that advertisers use to bind us is one of the first steps toward a psychologically free society.

Ignore the ads. You’re fine the way you are. Enjoy your day.

peace. s

PS Here’s a link that demonstrates how the subtle power of advertising can change even the most basic cultural norms. This really is crazy:

5 thoughts on “Cruel People

  1. Carreen July 16, 2013 / 2:23 pm

    Well put and I thank you for this post! Here is an excerpt from my book that directly compliments your message here, strictly from a woman’s point of view. I hope you enjoy:

    “…So, step three – deprogram. This may be one of the hardest steps yet as the Western World has an extremely unbalanced, unhealthy obsession with all things media. Steps one and two will only be successful if you continue to practice them and you successfully tackle step three. Walk away from the television, pay no attention to the billboards on the highway, refrain from buying glamour magazines and for Hera’s sake, stay away from websites that prey on your body image! It is time for you to become much stronger and more intelligent now than the industries want you to be. Rise above the special effects, remove yourself from the smoke and mirrors and when there is silence around you, you will find your true beauty.

    This is not done in a day. This becomes a way of life. Completely remove yourself from the hold the advertising world has on you. You will only come to realize their intrusive power when you finally step away. Enrich your life with reading, writing, music, poetry, song and dance. Take long walks in the evenings, exercise and sit quietly outside listening to nature’s sounds. Slowly build a collection of books that cater to your creativity and intellect. This becomes your life. This is real. The peace you will have is pure and everlasting and beauty will surround you and be part of you wherever you go. Do not step back into the fantasy world, discussing this television episode or that one, this commercial or that billboard. Let it go. Let it all go and you will find your beauty. It has been there all along waiting for you to wake up and shake up. Open your eyes and truly see your true self in all its splendor. You are a woman. You are the very essence of beauty and life. Let go and celebrate.

    There is a balance to everything. Once we have a healthy respect for our bodies and our sexuality, we can begin to nurture the mind. No billboards, advertisements, television shows, celebrities, beauty, diet, cosmetic industries can alter our relationship with ourselves. We will render them powerless and will be able to move forward. We will discover our innate power and affect change like nothing this world has yet to see. Brace yourselves, for when women take the forefront letting go of society’s stronghold, it will be world altering. Dare to take the journey with me.

    ‘To be a liberated woman is to renounce the desire of being a sex object or a baby girl. It is to acknowledge that the Cinderella-Prince Charming story is a child’s fairy tale.’ ”

    Clare Boote Luce



  2. richard reukema July 28, 2013 / 10:29 am

    Very insightful Scott. I totally agree with you, but my journey was from a different angle. I wanted to use technology to manage the interruptions (advertising) in way that it could be controlled and personalized. People don’t get it though. The higher understanding is that you have this moment and only this moment. You live outside of that moment and two things happen: 1) which is the worst is that you are not appreciating the current moment, the only moment that you have, and 2) you are in a moment that you can’t have, in the moment you just wasted. Enjoy the moment you are in. Incredible joy and satisfaction will overcome you. IMHO.

    • relaxandsucceed July 28, 2013 / 12:18 pm

      Very insightful yourself Richard. This is life’s most important journey. I’m pleased to have you on the path alongside me.

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