197 Relax and Succeed - Life is a series
You cannot imagine the magnificence of the space within you. Your limited thinking prevents you from seeing the wide and open landscape on which you can build your life. Without the wickets of words to dodge and weave, you are left with a clear and open horizon where your perspective is unimpeded by ideas you have about a self.

As a baby you were no one, and yet you were loved purely, you were able to give love purely, and yet you had no idea who you were. You were limitless. But over time your desire to reach out to those around you meant you had to master language. And in doing so, you used words like bricks and without even noticing, you slowly walled yourself in with ideas about what you weren’t.

Go quiet. Ideas are ephemeral. They have far less to do with a concrete reality and far more to do with a flexible, moment-to-moment perspective on life. Without all of that noise you are able to join with the universe around you. By forgetting the things and events you believe will bring you happiness, you are able to access the beauty and grace of the present moment. By taking away your conditions, you will be left with the clear state of graceful existence.

197 Relax and Succeed - Things just are
You know this moment. You are just like a baby when you look at a spectacular sunset. There are no words in your head. Your mind cannot hope to encapsulate what you are seeing, and you fall back on a feeling of awe. That is the feeling of being in the moment. That is the feeling of being unconditionally accepting of the moment you are in. You’ve just been trained to think that those moments look like post cards, when in reality they are your everyday life. They are every moment of your day. These are the opportunities you have to live the grace of an enlightened life. To be fully accepting. To be okay with what Is.

Stop arguing. Seriously. It’s just noise. You might as well be trapped in a car with a bitchy person. Just forget it. It goes nowhere. It just circles itself and eats your lifetime. Trust me—there is nothing you have to do, achieve, get, or accomplish. Are you listening? You’re done. Now. As is. You’re finished.

Do you see why you can’t find enlightenment? You’re looking for it everywhere except inside yourself. I say, “hey, you’re enlightened,” and instead of agreeing with me, you say, “No I’m not, I hate this and this bothers me and I’m insecure about this and that.” And I shrug. I’m telling you it’s where you are. And you’re telling me you won’t look there because you can’t possibly be complete. That you can’t possibly be done. That you can’t possibly be acceptable. That you are not in fact, deserving and worthy of love.


You are. Go quiet. Feel the love. It’s what’s left when you take away all of the judgment.


peace. s

Scott McPherson is an Edmonton-based writer, public speaker, and mindfulness facilitator who works with individuals, companies and non-profit organizations locally and around the world.

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