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When training someone to balance their sense of reality, often the vast majority of my time would be spent on this subtle point. Many find it easy to intellectually grasp, but if people are looking for a light bulb moment of deep understanding, a large part of it comes to use when we learn to better-appreciate and understand the dance between our ego and our soul.

When one thinks of the previous definitions presented for a a soul, it could be represented by a never-ending line. It isn’t born, it doesn’t die, it just goes. Our ego places markers on that continuous line because, for that aspect of us, there are places where every desire starts, and everything ends when we win, lose or surrender.

Our birth is like big fat starting marker, and our lifetime is a dot, moving between markers. It’s location along that line represents where in time we are, and we move forward by chasing our latest desire or by running from our latest fear.

It’s important to note that, while our dot is moving along our line, we have no knowledge of when or where we’ll encounter the big, fat, unknown ending marker that will tell the tale of our biological death. Living with that as a profound understanding makes wherever the dot is, into a very precious time.

The reason we can fail to notice our life’s preciousness is because our ego originates from that moving dot, but it primarily thinks about other points or segments along that line, other than where it is.

We feel this time travelling as how we feel guilt, or pine for the past, or bask in nostalgia, or imagine our own success happening, or dread the future, or look forward to something wonderful. Our ego’s thoughts turns our souls into travellers.

Now, rather than imagine the dot moving along your line, imagine the dot staying still and the line itself moving. This is what it is to live it the Now; in the Present. This illustration can sometimes make it easier to understand how our ego life and our soul’s existence interrelate.

In thinking about it this way, you may be able to see that what makes winning exciting is the threat of losing, which means the mystery of what happens farther down the line is the absolute key to our ego’s desire to win. If it knew it was going to win it would lose interest. Our soul would too.

By chasing desires into competitions with unknown results, our ego’s nature leads us to live in a state of the infinite unknown –it lives in a world where anything could happen! The world of our soul. And the moment we unify those two realities is the moment of our enlightenment.

Our ego’s fears and desires are what push and pull us along the line of our lifetime. But our spiritual and psychological health is always found whenever we are.

peace, s

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