Good morning everyone! This morning, right after I awoke I started dreamily steering my thinking towards noticing how grateful I am to know that all of you are joining me in setting positive intentions for our days.

It’s Monday, and people have lots of thoughts about what Mondays are. But many people have enjoyable Mondays, so let’s be like those people. And regardless, whether a day is easy or hard, they all can be improved with gratitude. Also, we’re starting off with good news we can be grateful for: today’s meditation exercise is another easy one.

The reason ‘exercise’ is the perfect word for doing this meditation is because doing it makes our spirits stronger. Despite the story we tell ourselves, about ourselves, we are better than we think. And by doing this exercise we are doing a spiritual workout that should leave us generally more aware of how capable we truly are.

In today’s meditation, in order to draw a spotlight onto our wisdom and growth and expansion, each of us should find our own seven items that reflect the kind of change and growth illustrated in the list above.

We can repeat the existing examples above if they suit our life. Or if not, we can think of our life and think of original versions of the same questions. Either way, we’re looking for former goals that we still have, but ones where we have redefined what we had previously defined as ‘success.’ 

In the end this meditation should be fun. We shouldn’t think there’s anything wrong with having a laugh at the innocence of earlier versions of ourselves. We were cute. But no, ‘love’ was not that he read books and had dreamy dark eyes, nor was it the fact that she looked hot in a bikini and she liked cars.

After some life experience, those same two people can think ‘love’ is when a man is genuinely interested in you on an ongoing basis, so he listens to you, and he respects you with his actions. And for his part, the man can be far less interested in looks are far more interested in attitude and values and an ability to have fun.

Experience leads to growth, which is why these are illuminating questions. So now let’s take all of today’s idle ego-thinking time (that we would have otherwise probably used to beat ourselves up), and let’s replace it with a conscious effort to find seven realizations that we personally have benefited from.

And once we define those things, we really do benefit if we spend some time pondering the difference that the extra wisdom makes in our lives. We need to really recognize that value so we can own it.

Remember: don’t forget to enjoy the process of finding and thinking about these periods of growth. Done right, we should all end this exercise feeling much better about ourselves. And that means that our enjoyable effort will have succeeded in improving us, our lives and the world.

Have an awesome day everyone.

peace. s