Hi Everyone,

My apologies that we had to defer the CBC column yesterday. I may write about that too, because the reasons were really very interesting, and there does seem to be value in discussing them if that actually proves possible. But we’ll have to leave that for later.

For today, I’m operating on next to no sleep. Mom had another episode last night. She’s doing well, but she’s in hospital for a bit, so the post here today will be less educational and more about information. The doctors are busy working on finding ways to help Mom sleep, so that will have an enormously positive impact on her, Dad and me.

That’s good because I have some important issues I’m keen to write about. But for now there is far too much up in the air on this end for me to make any commitments. In truth, today at this moment, what I really want to do is sleep for a week. But as most parents of youngsters know, how tired we are, and how important are responsibilities are, routinely do not often line up. Such is life. So just like every parent of every kid under about three years of age, what carries me through is a positive attitude.

As far as Mom goes, if we just get sleep sorted out, her life goes back to being relatively good even with COVID being around. Then she can get her vaccine and within a few months hopefully she is back with her friends. I will keep you posted as I know things. But in the meantime I thank you for your kind thoughts and warm wishes.

I think it’s beautiful how people sincerely care about people they barely know. That is our nature, so I’m not sure why humans gave themselves such a bad rap. You’re all good people, so you guys take good care of yourselves, okay?

Thank you for your patience.

peace. s

PS Thank you for excusing any sleep deprived grammatical errors this piece may contain. 😉

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